Our Critters


CVM Sheep

Romeldale/California Variegated Mutant (CVM) sheep are the rarest sheep breed in the US, according the The Livestock Conservancy.  They are a dual purpose breed (though only used for fiber on our farm) - with wool great for close to skin contact in items such as mittens, scarves, hats, and sweaters. Find out more about the breed at the National Romeldale-CVM Conservancy.

Our Flock


Pygora Goats

Pygora goats are a mix of pygmy and angora goats (no more than 75% of one or the other), and registered with the Pygora Breeders Association.  Their fiber is extremely soft and can vary on a spectrum from Cashmere to Mohair.  They are friendly and inquisitive, loving both treats and scratches.

Our Herd


Chickens and Ducks

We currently have ~30 chickens in a mix of; black autralorp, golden comet, Rhode Island red, barred rock, and silkies.  Our new 'covered wagon' coop was just put into operation allowing the chickens a bit more room to spread out at night.  This winter we have cracked the high tunnel door open giving the chickens a warmer ice free area to explore during the day as they tend to want to avoid snowy ground.  We have also acquired a handful of ducks who like wandering around the farm and spilling everyone's water.  We might have about a dozen eggs a week from them.  Speaking of eggs, winter is a great time to stop by and get some as we have a surplus building up!



We caught a couple swarms and were able to make a few splits this year bringing our hive count to 6 as we head into winter.

Our Hives