We are a small family farm in west central Ohio providing to our local community:  fresh veggies, sustainably grown grain crops, local wool fleeces and yarn, eggs, honey, and maple syrup.


The Goats are in their 2019 breeding group! Screech, Poke, Marcy, and Snowy are currently in with our buck, Jet. Check out our Pygora page for more information about each goat and contact us if you want to be added to our goat kid wait list!

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Our Critters

We are lucky enough to have California Variegated Mutant (CVM) sheep, Pygora goats, and a variety of chickens on the farm.  Find out more about our animals, who's expecting, and who's for sale!

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We grow a small, rotating crop of field corn, wheat, soybeans and black beans (and hope to diversify more soon). We also have a couple alfalfa fields and a grass/clover hay field for our animals. We continue to try to perfect the art of rolling rye as a weed mat before no till planting.  Though we will also be cultivating a few fields this year that in which we were unable to plant rye.

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Market Gardening / Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Ready to enjoy fresh, local vegetables every week from Mid May thru October?  Join us at the Sidney Farmers Market or join our CSA!

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Other Projects

From tapping Maples to beekeeping, and soap making, birdhouses, and bread baking;  how we keep busy in our down time.


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