The Ewes


Beanie (aka Black bean)

Beanie was one of the four original CVM sheep in our flock, acquired from Marushka Farms in Pennsylvania.  She was born in March of 2010.  Beanie has beautiful black fiber (bleached in this picture from the sun) and is probably the most tentative sheep we have.  She will eat corn out of our hands but is always keeping an eye on the nearest exit. Unfortunately it seems like Beanie is unable to have lambs.



Nuzzler is also one of the original four sheep brought in from Marushka Farms in Pa.  She is definitely the largest of our girls and the friendliest of the older four.   She is always eager to get her head or chin scratched.  Her fiber is primarily very light colored - almost pure white.  Nuzzler was born in March of 2011

post shearing 2017

post shearing 2017

Tipple as a lamb

Tipple as a lamb

post shearing 2017

post shearing 2017


The Rams

hutch 2018

Sweetie Pie

Sweetie is another of the old ladies on the farm.  She was born in March of 2011 on Marushka farms and brought to Ohio as one of our original four in 2015. She is the lamb of Marushka Farms Sire 'Pretty Boy' LH09003186 and Dam 638 YCC0600638.  Sweetie is very food driven and will pretty much do anything for corn.  Her fiber is a beautiful light grey.  In 2015 she had two beautiful twins, Billie and Spot, sired by Geronimo MMF12000319QQ.  In 2016 she had two more beautiful lambs, Bennie and Cob, sired by our own Hershey.



Needle is the last of our four original girls.  She was born in February of 2010 for Marushka Farms Sire 'Boxer' AMF060731 and Dam 877 YCC0800771.  She also loves to have her cheeks and chin rubbed and seems to get even more lovey in the months following having lambs.  In 2015 we brought her to the farm bred by CeeBee MMF1100247RR.  She lambed twins with ease, Zipper and Button.  In 2016 she lambed another set of twins with ease, Coal and Tipple.  They were sired by Hershey.  Her fiber is also a very light silvery grey.



Billie is the twin of Spot, lambed in 2015 by Sweetie Pie.  She is very cute and 'teddy bear' like with wool growing out onto her cheeks.  She has a beautiful darker grey wool (which bleached in the sun makes her look chocolatey).  Sometimes she can be very friendly and lovey, and other times she more skiddish...just depends on the day.



Spot is the twin of Billie, born in 2015 to Sweetie Pie.  She is pretty lovey and is growing to be almost as big as Nuzzler.  Her fiber is white to grey depending on where you look.  Spot did, unfortunately, rupture her achilles in 2018. She had surgery at the OSU Vet Hospital and after many months confined in the barn is now back with the flock!



Button was lambed in 2015 by Needle.  She is the twin of Zipper.  Button is always very curious about what you are doing, and is the least scared sheep of all the girls.  Basically she is always underfoot when you are trying to move around in the barn.  Button is growing to be a pretty large sheep and has very light, almost pure white, fiber. 



Tipple is the 2016 lamb of Needle and Hershey and is twins with Coal.  She loves getting fed corn and is a true Momma's girl - following Needle everywhere.  Besides a little bit of white on her belly and face, her fiber is  black.  As of the 2017 shearing  her wool had a fairly short staple length.




Bennie (AKA beignet)

Bennie is the 2016 lamb of Sweetie Pie and Hershey and is twins with Cob.  She is probably even more skiddish than Billie at this point.  We aren't quite sure why but she never warmed up to us - perhaps not enough 'forced love'!  She has great conformation and a lovely darker grey wool.



Bobbin was a large lamb born to Needle and sired by Cob in May of 2018. She was the twin to Gimpy, but clearly she outcompeted him in the womb.



Patches is a beautiful lamb with a classic badger face. She was a twin, though unfortunately her twin didn’t make it. She is the lamb of Button and Cob in May of 2018. Her fiber feels the softest of any we’ve had…can’t wait to get the microns tested.



Hershey was born .... at Marushka Farms in PA.  He joined us in September 2015 and was bred to both Needle and Sweetie Pie in Fall 2015.  He is a beautiful chocolate brown moorit with a very loving and sweet disposition - always looking for some love.  In the past year, since we brought him home, he has grown to be quite an imposing alpha ram.  This picture was right when we acquired Hershey.

Cob (aka Cobbler)

Cob, the twin of Bennie, was the only one of Hershey's four lambs of 2016 that was not almost solid black.  His appearance takes more after his mom, Sweetie Pie.  He is a moderately friendly guy who sired three of our 2018 lambs; Bobbin, Patches, and Gimpy.



Coal, the twin of Tipple, was born in 2016 to Needle.  He is has grown to almost the size of his dad Hershey.  Once very friendly, Coal now cares more about eating then getting scratched, though doesn't mind if you give him some love while he's munching away.



 Hutch is a twin, born to Dam - Spot and Sire - Zipper. He takes after his father with a really nice crimpy light grey fiber.




Sold Sheep



Gimpy is the twin of Bobbin, a lamb of Needle and Cob. He is a sweetheart probably because he had to be bottle fed for about the first week and a half. He was born fairly small compared to his sister and he had a quite significant crooked neck. Luckily over time we were able to teach him how to nurse off of Needle. He has been wethered and will remain out his days as a wool producer for us.



Zipper (sold to Double JH Farms in Michigan oct 2017)

Zipper is the twin of Button, born to Needle in March of 2015.  He is also a very loving and friendly sheep though seems to be one of the low rams on the totem pole in our flock. Zipper has now been sold to a great farm (Double JH Farm)  in Michigan where he won't have to compete for all the ladies.


Starsky (Sold to Wild Hair Studio in Tennessee Oct 2018)

Starsky, by far our most photogenic sheep, was the twin of Hutch, sired by Zipper, with Spot as the Dam. He had beautiful swiss markings and a lovely dark dark gray wool. We are hoping he is enjoying life down in Tennessee.