Houdini less than a year old.

Houdini less than a year old.

 March 2017 with her first kids.

March 2017 with her first kids.


Houdini was one of our first Pygora goats, brought to the farm in 2015 from Sunshine Pygoras in Bellefontaine, Ohio.  She was named Houdini as she exhibited quite the skills of an expert escape artist.  She is quite fond of scratches and is definitely the queen of the barn.  And she just had her first kids (sire = Norris).  She had triplet bucklings (though unfortunately one did not make it).  The other two are doing wonderfully and are starting to bounce off straw bales.   

Chocolate Chip


Chip was brought to the farm in 2016 from Greystone Homestead in Marysville, Ohio.  She has a beautiful, dark, chocolatey grey fiber and a very lovey personality. 




Screech was brought to the farm with Chocolate Chip, from Greystone Homestead.  She was named Screech due to her very vocal nature though she has quieted down a bit in this year she has been with us.  She is a fairly small pygora, very sweet, with a beautiful lighter grey fiber. 


Jeena, along with Jet, are the newest members of the herd coming to us from Gun Plains Pygoras in Michigan.  She has beautiful white type A fiber - the only type A we currently have.  






Jet is a friendly young buckling joining the farm from Gun Plains Pygoras  in June of 2017.  His chocolatey fiber is coming in nice and thick this fall.  He is penned with Houdini and Chip in hopes that , though he is young, we will have some kids in the spring.


Norris was a beautiful light carmel buck coming from Painted Shadow Farm in Kentucky.   He was curious and inquisitive though didn't like to be loved as much as all the others.  He was bred to Houdini in the Fall of 2016 resulting in triplet bucklings.  Norris passed away on 22-April-2017 of unknown causes.




Logan came to us with Houdini, from Sunshine Pygoras in Ohio.  He is a lovey, feisty, beautiful wether who seems to prove to me the saying that wethers have the best fiber.