The Planting Begins...

The first seedlings were planted in the little high tunnel today.  This is the tunnel that will turn into a shade house for our cooler weather crops.  We transplanted seedlings of two types of broccoli and red Russian Kale.  We also direct seeded a curly leafed variety of kale, spinach, and Bright Lights Chard.   Don't let me forget that we first put some weed barrier and woodchips down on the inside and outside edges to try and combat the incoming runner grass.  Fingers crossed that it works. 

In other news...the girls were all happy to be moved to a new patch of lawn.  With the way things have been growing this week, we'll probably be able to move them to the pasture soon.

Everyone's losing their hair!

Screech and Houdini were first, on a nice sunny and warm day this week.  Today was a bit more chilly so the ewes are going to stay in the barn till tomorrow.   (The bottom two pics are Billie before and after). 

And, of course, a new kid pic.  They are getting super friendly - almost to the point where you can't work in the barn because they are underfoot.