The kids are growing like weeds!

And we're happy to announce that the boys will have a loving home just outside of Cincinnati.  They will be joining a young family whom I'm sure will spoil them.  And lucky for them they will get to stay you can see they are nearly inseparable.  They will be leaving by the first week of June so if any of our friends out there have yet to meet the duo please feel free to stop by.  They could not get any friendlier!

Sad week on the farm...

Its with heavy hearts that we inform the world that our 'cover man' goat, Norris, passed away.  Though one of the youngest, he is the first of our flock to die.   Though we tried to find answers, the necropsy was inconclusive so we most likely will never know why.   Everyone else is healthy and happy and we are keeping a close eye on them all.  I feel terrible that I am now hoping the prison break last month (when the boys escaped and freed the girls for the night) will result in a couple more Norris kids.  One last pic of the cover boy himself...


Everyone's losing their hair!

Screech and Houdini were first, on a nice sunny and warm day this week.  Today was a bit more chilly so the ewes are going to stay in the barn till tomorrow.   (The bottom two pics are Billie before and after). 

And, of course, a new kid pic.  They are getting super friendly - almost to the point where you can't work in the barn because they are underfoot.