Wax Processing!!!

We have finally processed our first batch of beeswax and not only was it easy but it came out beautifully. 

A quick tutorial:  Take your raw beeswax and place in cheesecloth. We had four layers of cheesecloth to catch the bee debris.  You can almost fill your crock pot with wax (beeswax isn't easy to get off of pots/utensils so just have a spare set for this venture). 

Next pour in at least one liter of water making sure to get the edges/cheesecloth damp.  More water is fine too. 

Put your cover on and make sure your cheesecloth doesn't sink into the pot.  I used a yarn needle to make a pull tie around my cheesecloth to secure it to the lid. 

Now just turn your crockpot on low (mine was just on warm - not even enough to make the water boil) - wax will melt around 148 degrees F.  Careful not to get it too hot as wax can catch fire!

After all the wax is melted you can carefully lift the cheese cloth out of the crockpot - set it on a screen and put the lid over it so any excess wax will drip in.  You can now turn the crock pot off and let the wax cool overnight.

Voila!  Your wax should be pretty clean. You can repeat the process if you want it cleaner, or use a finer material than cheesecloth.  For us, this is perfect.