Grain Seeds have arrived

We were happy this week to get the farms first shipment of organic non GMO corn and soybean seeds.  We also received a tote bag full of Chilean nitrate - an excellent organic nitrogen source for our 20 acres of corn.  Someday it would be great to use more locally sourced fertilizers, but for now the Chilean nitrate is tried and trusted by the other organic growers we know, and our fields are pretty depleted so they need all the help they can get.   Now we need to get the equipment ready and we'll be set to plant the fields.

We've also begun to replant some of our larger seedlings into paper pots and moved them to a cold frame within the high tunnel.  It won't be long now till we plant the high tunnels!

And of course we can't have a post without some updated baby pics (they are two weeks old today) - and they're already starting to nibble!